Nate Gilmore

Nate Gilmore

Coaching & Investment

Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco Mentor

Nate helps high-growth SaaS startups to supercharge their sales, recruit and build amazing marketing and sales teams and hit revenue plans on budget by providing proven leadership and mentorship.

He is an operations executive with 18 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, and fundraising. He coaches and invest via my growth velocity program Up To The Right. He is also an attorney, but he focuses his legal expertise on providing direction and speed to growth through partnership, business development, and sales acceleration.

He works with;
• High-growth B2B and SMB Software companies
• Larger companies that need C-Level startup growth leadership
• Startup CEOs, startup accelerators, and building teams
• Venture capital companies
• Platforms, Infrastructure, Marketplaces, Ecommerce, Telecom, Logistics, Marketing Software

He understands growth and is focused on team building, service delivery, customer experience, and ensuring that the strategic direction is implemented. He is skilled in balancing competing priorities across operations, customer support, sales, HR, and product, and I’ve built entire ecosystems of partnerships to support growth strategies. He actively invests in startups, have coached growth for multiple months with 50+ companies, and he is a team player and culture builder.

He’s had a lot of experience and some good success. He’s grown a company from 0-$100M in sales (Shipwire); had an exit to a huge company (Ingram Micro); restructured two divisions (Ingram & Concentric).