Muriel Moscardini

Muriel Moscardini

Internationalisation - Business development and productivity officer - Start up - Entrepreneur

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Barcelona Mentor

Her experience is a mix between *large group and start up*, which gives her the adaptability and the capacity to bring out the best of both worlds.
She has had the chance to *work in various industries*, IT, Software, Manufacturing, Electronics, Defense and  is willing to discover more, as she is convinced we should work more *cross-industry* to fuel innovations and benefit from succesess and failures from all.

She has lived in different countries and is willing to relocate again to follow new challenges opportunities, mobility is one of my profile’s key.

What are the top 10 items of her list?
Empower more people around her, keep on working on providing a happy-to-live-in environment to her family, start yoga, learn Italian, move to Asia, start a new book every 2 weeks, create her new company in VR, spare time for her friends abroad, take a course at Harvard Business, 10 is open, we never know!