Miwa Tanaka

Miwa Tanaka

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Waris Co. Ltd.

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Miwa Tanaka, co-founder and co-CEO of Waris Co. Ltd., launched the company in 2013. Two co-founders and Miwa noticed how difficult it was for Japanese women to keep working after having a baby. In order to tackle this issue, they started Waris.

Waris has 2 basic services. One is Waris Professional, and the other is Waris Work Again. Waris Professional is a matching service between female freelancers and companies. And, Waris Work Again is encouraging women who have career blanks to go back to work. Waris has 15,000 female registrants and 1,800 company clients for both services.

Waris’ real reason to exist is not only to help women achieve their potential but also help the Japanese economy achieve its true potential in the 21st century.


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