Mike Kyriacou

Mike Kyriacou

CEO at Strattica Labs

Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco Mentor

Mike designed systems, crunched data, invested in ventures & projects, entertained crowds, raised capital, created ground-breaking pervasive games, and assembled successful LBO teams. Now based in Silicon Valley he crafts new technologies, advise multiple ventures, and participate as a value-added investor..

He has a passion for strategy, product development, new ideas and innovative problem solving.

Before starting Strattica Capital, Mike helped design the Caltrain ticketing system, wrote a University Robotics Course, hosted a radio show, won a script-writing prize, consulted to Venture Capital & Private Equity firms, designed parking, bio-electronic, rail, financial, medical and signal processing systems – and once held the campus title for office-chair racing…

At the age of 30, his venture Strattica Group provided returns that allowed him to completely focus on building Commercially-Oriented Social Experiences..