Mick Walvisch

Mick Walvisch

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After over 20 years of being a successful entrepreneur and helping companies reinventing themselves, it was time to reinvent myself. In order to create even more impact I realized it was time for freedom.

Freedom to work with even more amazing business leaders. Freedom to really focus on making the most meaningful businesses successful. Freedom to create true value and not be bound by the limitations of a traditional organization. Freedom to create cool experiences with you!

I have reinvented myself to speak freely again. I have reinvented myself to share all my talents, my spirit and my energy with others who are seeking the same freedoms.

Mick Walvisch – january 2013

The CoolExperience® Thinking Studio

Improving the world around us, Contributing to the success of others, and Embracing the experiences of life.

You won’t know what hit you. We will rock the core of your beliefs about how your business works – or doesn’t work. We will then work, together, to pick up all the pieces, and you will be left with a powerful insight into how to walk forward with confidence. You will have a clear trail to follow, and we bring you together with other amazing people who can support your journey. These might be your next generation customer, or your next investor, or your next partner. Your journey with CoolExperience will be exciting. It won’t be easy, but it will be fun and it will be a cool experience.