Michael Sastry

Michael Sastry

Production Director at Zone

Startupbootcamp FinTech London Mentor

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I love technology and, oddly enough, technologists too.

My most recent business (software house, trade sale exit Apr 2015) was me as Co-Founder, MD, pseudo-luddite & 30 technologists

(In sector I worked with Osper, Moni-Technologies, Azimo & Enaya Insurance during this time)

If there is a through line in my (pretty varied) career it might be that it’s been

– Helping organise, support and guide technology development and implementation.
– Helping technologists to organise and deliver projects, develop products, meet the market or customers.
– Helping those with a commercial focus understand how to leverage the technology side
– ….and in other respects getting out the way and letting smart people be smart.

Having been doing this for close on 20 years (and having made almost every conceivable mistake (at least twice)) keen to see if I can help others dodge some of the holes in the road.