Metin Karasahin

Metin Karasahin

Founding Partner and CEO at ReAjans

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Mentor

Metin Karasahin was born in 1965 in Izmir. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, Journalism and Public Relations Department.

After having worked as a journalist, ad photographer, media consultant, political communication consultant, radio host, copywriter and creative director through out his career, he assembled his experiences together at 1993 and became the founding partner of Ajans Mavi, an integrated communications agency.

When he decided that it was time for a make-over, he rebranded his agency as Re Communication Group which includes ReAjans a full service ad agency, Hiperaktif a digital advertising agency, HiperSosyal a social media agency, HiperMobil a mobile solutions agency, RePublicPR a public relation agency and ReHealth a health communication agency. He is still the CEO of the Re Communication Group and all the agencies under its umbrella.

He has published many articles as a brand consultant and he attends many conferences and seminars as a keynote speaker. In various universities and institutions he has been giving lectures entitled as “Creativity in Advertisements”, “Embody An Idea to Your Job”, “Integrated Communication” and “Social Media”.

He is the founding partner at ISTIM (Istanbul Iletisim Mezunlari Dernegi-Istanbul University Communication Faculty Alumni Association) and former president of RYD (Reklam Yaraticilari Dernegi-Advertisement Creative Association). He is a member of RD ((Reklamcilar Dernegi-Advertisement Association), RV (Reklamcilik Vakfi-Advertisement Foundation), FOEV (Fotografcilik ve Egitim Vakfi-Photography and Education Foundation) and GYIAD (Genç Yönetici ve Isadamlari Dernegi-Young Turkish Executives and Businessmen).