Martin Weissman

Martin Weissman

Coaching/ mentoring and investing in startups at AppleTrees

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

Just turned 40, living in Amsterdam nowadays, before Spain and Belgium. Back ground in process engineering, executive MBA. I have worked most of my life in cleantech/ renewable businesses with the world of retail as a hobby. As well in SME’s and large corporates. I understand how they think.

Top 3 skills:

1. To zoom in and explore on the ‘job to be done’ in a value proposition.
2. Extended network and understand cultural sensitivities (due to my years in Brussels/ marriage).
3. To look at startups through an investor’s pair of glasses.

I love to work with startups because of 3 reasons. One is that the high level of energy and optimism (and which is very contagious). Second, I like to help people that are challenging the world. Second, startups are all about finding true value for customers…finding causalities between problem-solution instead of finding just correlations.