Mariolein van der Plas

Mariolein van der Plas

Strategic Partner Manager at Google

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

I currently work at Google as a partner manager but used to work at a social-gifting app start-up, called Wrapp, in Sweden. I lived in Sweden for four years (2009-2013) and before I studied Law in Amsterdam and worked as a strategy consultant, working with the SMB- AdWords resellers.

Top Skills

1. Start-up experience
2. Commercial/bus development skills
3. Experience in advertising for SMB’s (Local/Social)

I used to work at a start-up during my time in Sweden and would like to stay connected to start-ups and see how I can help with both my start-up experience and/or Google/Consulting experience. My preference would be to help/mentor on business development/partnership opportunities.