Marco Gualtieri

Marco Gualtieri

Founder & Chairman at Seeds&Chips

Startupbootcamp FoodTech Rome Mentor

In 1997, I built a startup called TicketOne which became one of the top e-commerce ventures in Italy.

Engaging with the internet in Italy in early days, I have seen technology evolve in all aspects. Today I incubate and invest in startups myself and specifically in food tech as it is the new frontier. Seeds&Chips in a way functions like a startup as we are small, agile and rely on the energy of youth and passionate entrepreneurs. Bringing them together to build their networks is what Seeds&Chips is another integral aspect. The international market is as important as the local one for many young startups.

TicketOne founder and startups supporter. Italy lover. Internet of Food | Food innovation| Foodtech. Seeds&Chips founder and CEO