Marc Gray

Marc Gray

Pitch Coach at GraySpace7

Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy Berlin Mentor

Marc Aden Gray brings a unique background to his work as resident Pitching Mentor at SBC.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Marc established himself as a principal actor on film and television. At an early age Marc established a parallel path as a performance coach, initially helping fellow actors (often much older than himself) cultivate a clearer and stronger presence in their work. 

This path naturally expanded to non-performers in the business world. Marc became a sought-after consultant in Australia, working with sales teams and HR  Marc  and at an early age, his parallel pathAt an early age,  Parallel to his work as a performer, Marc  He has established a career as a professional actor on three continents, starting in Sydney, Australia, working in New York and LA and now continuing in Berlin.

His work as a Presentation Igniter is spreading as Marc brings skills in both performance and all aspects of storytelling, from structure to generating maximum energy and impact in every presentation.

Marc has many clients in both the startup/accelerator world and corporates, giving seminars and presentations of his own on what it means to live in the arena of presentation and human exchange.