Mali M. Baum

Mali M. Baum

Founding Partner and CEO at W Lounge/ MagdaGroup

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Mali is one of the people shaping female founders future and opportunities in the startup ecosystem in Berlin, recently announced raising a new fund in Berlin with focus on diverse team to invest in the ecosystem, building more success stories and uplifting the whole ecosystem in Germany with the focus on Berlin. Mali co-founded Women’s Influencers Wi women organization with the mission of bringing more women to the FRONT of businesses, locally and internationally.

Born in TLV, active in NYC and SV and living in Berlin, very active globally.

W Lounge is the ecosystem machine, highly professional Business network in the tech Ecosystem in Berlin and Germany. Working with the biggest corporates, government, co-working places, business clubs, tech communities, universities, business angels, VCs and startups, building more role-models into the market, also building a great awareness for women in tech, W Lounge has collaboration partnerships in Europe, TLV, SiliconValley, NYC, CHINA.

MAGDAGROUP is a new venture fund in Berlin. A leading team that aims to achieve the goal of making Berlin top attractive for investments together with building the awareness for diversity inside its portfolios and opening the local tech economy to the global.