Maike Henningsen

Maike Henningsen

Founder at

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Since 2005 Maike is a medical doctor who has worked in both the hospital setting and private practices nationally and internationally for several years. Last year she was accepted in the Global Solution Program at Singularity University and immediately following this program she started her masters in Innovative Management and Entrepreneurship.

She has been exploring the world of digital health, future of medicine and P4 medicine for a couple of years now and she is fascinated by the endless possibilities this field is offering.

In 2016, Maike won a Fraunhofer start up competition and she is currently developing her own medical prototype as a part of a small but great team.

She is delighted to share the deep knowledge that she gained in medical field. Additionally, Maike can share her international network and the experience developing a medical product.