Lea Dias

Lea Dias

Health Strategy Consultant ICT/Automation

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Lea is a clinician with expertise in clinical pharmacy medicine and digital technologies including, healthcare software systems, health robotics and digital health applications. Her clinical background includes primary and chronic disease healthcare management for adult and paediatric hospitals, medication safety, data analytics and informatics.

She is involved as a mentor for different digital healthcare organisations (Startupbootcamp, FTR4H, Venture Catalysts India), as well as an advisor for healthcare blockchain projects including, Iryo (Slovenia) and Axonium (Australia).

Lea advises hospitals and government organisations on strategies for adopting digital technologies to improve patient safety in the medication management pathway, and also improving operational efficiencies by automating supply chain logistics.

She consults for international health software and robotics companies including Swisslog Healthcare, Lamson Concepts (Australia), BIQ Software Solutions (Portugal), Marvel Software Solutions (India) and Newton X (San Francisco, New York).