Laura James

Laura James

Startupbootcamp IoT London Mentor

Currently I’m pursuing projects where I can make a difference, working with smart people, interesting technologies and challenges, whilst looking for the right primary role longer term. 

I thrive when collaborating with others, and appreciate the challenges of working with complex and cutting edge technologies, and in unusual or evolving organisations. I particularly enjoy technical product and service design and management, and building, scaling and coordinating diverse teams to create new systems and services which work for real people.

• dynamic, adaptable and creative technical leader
• quick learner with exceptional communication skills across diverse disciplines and sectors
• track record of delivering projects and shipping products
• extensive hands-on technology R&D and innovative product experience 

I’ve worked in many different fields and organisations, and have experience of: product management, services deisgn, open data, open access, computer networking, embedded systems, AI, conversational interfaces, remote teams, sensors, wireless, consumer electronics, public understanding of technology, IT in higher education, libraries, research management, sustainability, building integrated photovoltaics, usability and user-centric design, social enterprise and non-profit organisations, makerspaces & hackspaces