Kip Testwuide

Kip Testwuide

Senior Advisor at Rapid Ratings

Startupbootcamp FinTech New York Mentor

Kip Testwuide is an advisor to and investor in early stage companies and small businesses. Kip draws on an extensive investment banking career leading teams of professionals competing in the global investments, financing and risk management fields.

He is currently a senior advisor to Rapid Ratings International, which assists its clients in managing credit risk by providing objective, purely quantitative analysis of the financial health of tens of thousands of public and private companies globally. Kip brings a practitioner’s perspective with a background of managing risk and navigating complex regulatory and compliance terrain. This gives him a deep understanding of the challenges Rapid Ratings’ clients face. He is helping to expand Rapid Ratings involvement with financial institutions and institutional investors as well as the disruptive FinTech innovators. Kip feels that firms like Rapid Ratings that use technology to increase the speed and improve the consistency of previously labor intensive tasks will continue to reshape the financial services business.

Mr. Testwuide is an investment banker with broad leadership experience in building businesses, growing client relationships, managing risk, and navigating the regulatory and compliance terrain. He played a pioneering role in the risk management and global capital markets business during the most innovative and rapidly changing periods in the financial services industry to date. Kip has a reputation for unquestioned integrity and ethics, sound-decision-making and an ability to forge trusting relationships as an advisor. During his career, Kip has held senior positions with BNP Paribas, UBS Securities and Manufacturers Hanover Trust. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Business.