Kemal Kaplan

Kemal Kaplan

Member of Board at Acıbadem Technology

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Mentor

Kemal Kaplan was born in Istanbul and graduated in Eastern Mediterranean University as an Electronic Engineer. He was started his Professional carrier in Yapı Kredi Bank and continued in Sony, Netas and Pimas companies as a specialist.

And then he worked in EsBank, Ziraat Bank and HSBC as a manager. He was granted an award from IDC (International Data Corporation) as 2. CIO of the year 2016.

He worked in many projects like re-engineering, associating  finance  organizations, Call Center, Credit Cards, ATM and banking application and healthcare technology.  He has many  researchs which he sharing experiences with  sector  about mobile technology, wearable technology and resarch-development projects. He is consulting for public institutions about technology. Also he is a Chairman of the Board in Life Science and Information Association for Health.

A|Store “Medicine and Medical Consumables Management System” which is developed by Acıbadem R&D team has gained many national and international awards. He is director of Information Technology in Acıbadem Hospitals, Acıbadem University, affiliated companies  and manager of R&D Department. At the same time he is Director of Technical Services (electronic, mechanical, maintenance, repair, management of energy, management of environment, occupational health safety, renovation).

He was re-structure technical services department in 2010. He is responsible for managing technical services in Acıbadem Healthcare Group.In addition to the role of Information Technology Director and Technical Services Director, he is also president of Disaster Recovery Center committee, president of Disciplinary committee and member of Human Resources committee in Acıbadem Healthcare Group.