Kasper Luursema

Kasper Luursema

Entrepreneur/ Digital Strategist

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

I am an entrepreneur and business incubator with over 15 years of experience in starting and growing digital businesses. I have intensely experienced all facets of “Startup life” and learned from the highs but much more from the lows.

Why I like working with startups?
Working with creative people that have a clear view on how digital will disrupt society and behavior and have the courage to act upon this is “energizing”.

How I can be of value to startups?

Business strategy; giving clear guidance in the many trade-off decisions founders face in this early stage and get to a revenue ready minimal viable product in the shortest possible time.

I can help address all the functions of the venture: vision and concept, team, product development, digital monetization, technology selection, funding, marketing and sales, scaling up, partnerships and distribution.