Karolin Kruiskamp

Karolin Kruiskamp

Co-founder at Startupbootcamp South Africa

Startupbootcamp Commerce Mentor

I have more than 25 years of experience in organizing people and organizations in many different fields of business. As co-founder of a Management Consultant I designed my first methods on co-operation issues between multiple companies and coached several young entrepreneurs. In 2012 the new-economy honeycomb-network organization was finalized and since my Entrepreneur in Residence-ship at Startupbootcamp I made great connections between my Honeycomb-Model and the LEAN/Agile/Business Model Canvas methods. I help founders to translate all kinds of problems into a process that will scale up themselves and their business.

Top 3 Skills:
1. Coaching Personal Development and Team dynamics
2. Knowledge and Guidance LEAN, Agile, Scrum, Business Model Canvas & Honeycomb Organization
3. Entrepreneurship

During the E- &MCommerce Program I would like to continue to coach founders to find the right balance within their Startup. Balance between problem/solution, product/market, customer/key-partners, finance/metrics and Getting Things Done/Organizing. The program is a rollercoaster ride where you (and your team) need to find your own learning path.

In my own preparation towards the new Startupbootcamp program in South Africa (planned for 2015) mentorship will be a new role for me to discover. For me it does not feel like work, instead a great opportunity to develop myself even more as an expert on how to build and scale-up new-economy business.