Johan van Mil

Johan van Mil

Founder at Adatus

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Johan is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Currently he is most of his time busy as founder of Adatus. Adatus is a data exchange for exclusive anonymous online profiles for display advertising. Johan is also owner & founder of venture capital fund Peak Capital which invests in starting and fast growing companies in TMC (Technology, Media & Communications). Furthermore he is shareholder and founder of private equity fund Dialogue Company.

Johan is vice-chairman within the DDMA (Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association) responsible for Interactive Marketing. He is also board member of the board of advice of IPAN (Interactive Professionals Netherlands) were he acted as a chairman in the period 2001-2004.

In 2005 Johan published the book “Entrepreneurship: Just do it!” with positive reviews in leading newspapers and trade magazines. That year he started as a part-time teacher Entrepreneurship at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. After this he became a member of the board of advice of this institute to stimulate students starting their own company.

Prior to this Johan founded Mailmedia in 2002, which was sold in 2009 to OMG (Online Marketing Group). Johan worked as a Commercial Director at BNR Nieuws Radio and held various sales, marketing and management positions at different publishers.