Jessica Hanneken

Jessica Hanneken

Head of Representative Office for Legal Health Affairs at apobank

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Jessica Hanneken is an attorney and specializes in the regulatory fields of German and European Healthcare Systems.

As apoBank’s Head of Representative Office for legal health affairs, healthcare market and politics, she stays in deep and steady contact with all important institutions such as Health Insurance funds, the self-regulatory bodies / self-government, ministries of health and economics, patient organizations and members of the parliament in Germany. Jessica is a part of this expert network. apoBank is specialized in setting up business in the healthcare systems and since foundation of the bank, they have a partnership with all health-care-giver groups. Besides their own knowledge, they have a professional network which helps to bring your business to run. Since over 110 years, it is apoBank’s self concept and mission to get doctors, dentists, pharmacists and companies into market-entry and into stable growth.

Excellent and profound knowledge of the development and future trends of healthcare systems are Jessica’s everday business. Regarding of the thought that a constant network will bring you to success, Jessica has also founded a women’s networks in the field of healthcare. She has lived, studied and worked in the US, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

Fields Mentorship

  • Digital Health
  • Bring people together
  • Competence and confidence
  • Make it happen

Special fields of interest:

  • Running and Yoga
  • Cooking, cultures and traveling