Jerome Smith

Jerome Smith

Partner Registered US Patent Attorney at Dr. Mark Friedman Ltd. Patent Attorneys

Startupbootcamp FoodTech Rome Mentor

High Technology Patent Specialist in technologies including Internet, Software, Computers, Cyber-Security, Robotics and Medical Devices.

Go-To Patent Attorney for startups. Adds value to start ups by maximizing IP protection early on to provide start-ups with a long-term IP strategy within a budget. Familiar with all aspects of start-up formation and early stage development and can seamlessly integrate the IP with the start-up’s business, including funding and other investment rounds.

Built a high-tech patent portfolio from the ground up, in the AdTech space, as both in-house and outside counsel, for what became the world’s fourth largest Internet Advertiser. The patents and
patent applications were the key assets in securing over $200 Million in funding.