Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver

Investor, Entrepreneur at Entrepreneur and early stage investor

Startupbootcamp Israel Mentor

Jeff Pulver: Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Investor. Helped shape the development and market acceptance of VoIP. Currently Chairman of 3-Rings. Co-founder, Vonage

Jeff Pulver has been called “a habitual entrepreneur who likes to start Internet communications companies.” He is known globally as someone who helped popularize the use of Voice over IP (voip) and as the co-founder of Vonage. In 2009 he created the global #140 Characters Conferences (#140conf), which explores the emerging real-time Internet. His public policy work in the telecommunications field is well known in Washington, D.C.

Since 1997 Jeff has invested in more than 200 startups and has been involved in a number of his own. He is currently Chairman of 3-Rings and someone who continues to invest in the dreams of others.