Jean-Louis Flier

Jean-Louis Flier

General Manager Label Development services ( LDS B.V.) Part of Brunotti Europe

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

My expertise is in the field of sales promotion, outdoor and general entrepreneurship. I have been an entrepreneur for 22 years and still looking for new opportunities. After working with the Chinese for more than 15 years I could say that I have a good knowledge how to produce products in China. The reason I like working with startups is because of the energy and eagerness of starting companies.

I’d like to help the company keeping focus, not only to work hard, but work hard and doing the right things and accelerate in the right direction.

If I am convinced that you are going the right way with the company, I will involve my network and promote your company where possible.

About myself: I am 52 years old, into action sports and have a family with 2 kids in the age of 13 and 15. I am very open minded and easy going, but want to see results in the end.