Jaume Rey

Jaume Rey

Founder and CEO at M2M Cloud Factory

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Barcelona Mentor

“Profit Is the Reward of Society” (Konosuke Matsushita). This is the driving slogan of my professional life. If what you do has any real value for your customers, you will grow and as a “reward”, you will make profit. I rebuilt and redefined Business Models across my whole professional life, accepting always the toughest challenges that requires more of my intellect. After being a successful Intrapreneur on a great and large Top Class manufacturer, I decided to put all my skills on my own projects to create value from the scratch as Entrepreneur.

Strong believer of team power, I love sharing the passion for the challenges with the team. A powerful Vision Maker focussed on teamwork to deliver actual results to validate a vision, would be a short definition of myself. I love international business environments and specially working in international teams, travelling and understanding other ways of making business (local style). I’m a very curious person who always ask “Why?”. I have no heasitation to fight to re-define long time established rules or customs and take risky decissions (balanced by well-based understanding of the different scenarios which we are involved in).

A pasionate Executive who tries to share his pasion with his team, to deliver unexpected good results. Holding Telecommunications Engineering Degree from La Salle Bonanova (URL), Economics Degree (UOC), MBA La Salle Bonanova (URL) and Manhattan College and executive Master in Digital Business at ESADE Business School.