Irra Ariella Khi

Irra Ariella Khi

CEO at Vtech

Startupbootcamp IoT London Mentor

Secret keeper, physicist, multilingual Oxford Grad. Past: fashion model, SoF TV Platform, IceCream Photo App. Present: CEO Vchain-best crypto secure ID & authorisations SaaS.

Irra specialises in early fundraising, strategic company structuring, understanding investor mindsets, and getting to that all-important YES (she is one of the few people in Europe to have successfully raised a round without any product, entirely from current and ex-Oxford scientists no less). Irra can advise on legal and tax aspects of building the vehicle to take your product forward (once you do have one), and regularly speaks at Oxford Entrepreneurs and the Said Business School on innovation and building companies.

Irra was described by TechCrunch as ‘model and entrepreneur’, featured in WIRED Magazine as founding member of the ICE List, and played Bond Girl for the Founders Forum along fellow founders Jason Gissing and Jimmy Wales. She is passionate about cyber security and real-world connections.