Irene Valens

Irene Valens

CEO at Traffic4u Group

Startupbootcamp Commerce || Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

I started my career as a finance and tax advisor for medical professionals. In 2006 I joined Traffic4u, at that time the leading Dutch search engine marketing agency, as head of finance. While Traffic4u grew from a SEM into a digital marketing agency, I broadened my horizon from finance to performance marketing and general management. Since the beginning of 2013 I’m the CEO of the Traffic4u Group. Our business is continuously changing due to all kinds of technical innovations, so It’s my job to keep our company flexible and able to adapt to those developments, so we can stay ahead of our competition.

Top 3 Skills
1. Marketing
2. Business logics
3. Finance & tax

Startups are interesting to me because of the fact that they’re in the process of finding a scalable business model for an innovative idea. Startups are all about believing that a great idea can be market as an added value for future clients. Startups work with great passion and they think in possibilities instead of problems. I think with my experience I can coach them in getting the focus they need to move forward from startup to a serious business. When I joined Traffic4u, it was a very young company with a lot of startup characteristics, and in the past eight years I’ve been part of the team that made it into the mature business it is today. Startup bootcamp gives me the opportunity to share the lessons I’ve learned during this process and it will inspire me to keep my mature company as energetic as the startups are.