Huy Nguyen Trieu

Huy Nguyen Trieu

Managing Director at Citi


For the last decade, I have played a leading role in developing new businesses within large investment banks in London. Previously, I was co-founder and CEO of a Technology company in New York.

I am an expert in both Finance and Technology, and the synergies between the two disciplines. My passion is in building and growing businesses – especially in changing environments.

As Managing Director at Citi, I am developing a new business that helps Europe’s largest insurance companies, the major pension funds and the international banks to adapt to the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Before banking, I raised more than $15m as CEO of a Tech company, and developed it into a 50-strong company with offices in New York and Paris.

An engineer by background, an entrepreneur by nature, and a “big picture” person, I am interested in the technology revolution that is transforming finance – what I call Disruptive Finance. Put simply, we are facing a Napster moment : technology is set to revolutionise finance, which in turn will massively impact the global economy, business and society.

My skills in summary :
– Held senior roles in major US and European investment banks
– Track record as an entrepreneur, from launch to exit
– Deep experience of the banking industry, financial markets and macro environments
– Raised $15m as an entrepreneur, directed hundreds of millions as a financier