Dr. Hardy Kietzmann

Dr. Hardy Kietzmann

Director Innovation at Sanofi

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Dr. Hardy Kietzmann is the Director of Innovation at Sanofi in Germany. Dr. Kietzmann has more than 18 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. At Sanofi, he has held various positions in business development in Germany, such as Director of Strategic Projects and he was Head of Strategy and Product Transfer in Japan.

Alongside his pharmaceutical knowledge and experience, Kietzman also brings 10 years knowledge of Production, Device Development, Strategic Analysis, and Sales & Marketing. He is also a member of Mensa Germany, holds a PhD in Experimental Physics and has served as a Lieutenant in the German AirForce.

Fields of mentorship

  • Medical devices
  • Overlap of devices & drugs
  • Digital Health
  • “Beyond the pill”

Special field of interest

  • German Energy Revolution, incl. hardware
  • Japan, connection between culture /nature /technology + food
  • Real technological or research breakthroughs