Gonçalo Rebelo de Andrade, PhD MBA

Gonçalo Rebelo de Andrade, PhD MBA

General Manager at Hovione Capital

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Gonçalo is the Managing Director of Hovione Capital, a corporate venture capital firm dedicated to making early stage/seed investments to support medical device, e- and mobile-Health projects, IoT and digitally charged products for patient and behaviour monitoring, to improve patient compliance and adherence to medication, for ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of life, its sole focus.

What can you expect from Hovione Capital as your venture capital investor:

  • harnessing over 20-years’​ experience in the medical device field, where its acumen has been the design, development and licensing of the TwinCaps/Inavir product to Daiichi-Sankyo/Biota
  • building upon Hovione’s 55-year pharmaceutical industry knowledge,
  • extensive business development and networking efforts, all to add value to the Start-up companies it will invest in.

Specialties: Pharmaceutical Project Management, Scientific-Business Liaison, Business Development, Intellectual Property Rights, Respiratory Drug Products, Inhalation Drug Development and Delivery