Gianluca Granero

Gianluca Granero

CTO at Filo

Startupbootcamp FoodTech Rome Mentor

Worked as startupper, investor and advisor in the last 10 years, and 10 years before in an entrepreneurial family business. A little experience on the field that can be sometimes helpfull, especially in growth stage to move from a nice group of people and a prototype to become a real company.

I am involved in internet based activities since 1999.
I developed many sites and communities from scratch up to more then 100M page views per month.

I co-founded Memopal ( in 2007 and lead its tech operation and financials.
On our way we also supported some promising startups and we ended up creating PI-Campus, a district where talent and innovation is quickly growing. (

I then contribute, sometimes as advisor, sometimes as board member, to some of those companies, such as wineOwine, WeFix, Wanderio, Filo …