Gernot Supp

Gernot Supp

Chief Scientist at TripRebel

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

Think. Ask. Explore. Act. And think again. I love the process to discover, nailing the fundamentals to proceed to the next level. Nearly anything can be measured. Data are everywhere. The real challenge is to turn data into insights that guide your business decisions. Luckily there is a clear methodological process to start and iterate any sort of discovery. It is science in a hands-on manner. In my previous (pre-startup) life I used to be a neuroscientists exploring, teaching and writing about the human brain and its links to human behavior.

Top 3 Skills:
1. Experimentation
2. Data analytics
3. Statistics

I had to learn to swim in the sea of unknowns, unresolved questions, assumptions and unstructured data, when starting my own company. I can share the basic insights with you to make your start speedy and your learning curve steep.