George Ravich

George Ravich

President at RAVco Marketing, LLC

Startupbootcamp FinTech New York Mentor

I have been a senior marketing executive in the FinTech industry for almost 20 years. I just left Polaris where I was CMO. Prior to that I was the head of marketing for the consulting division at CSC; and prior to that I was CMO at Fundtech. I have been a coach for the New York Innotribe competition for the past couple of years – and I thoroughly enjoyed working with start-up companies (I also worked at a successful FinTech start-up long ago).

I have started a marketing consultancy that focuses on young FinTech companies who need help with their strategic marketing – company narrative, product marketing (positioning), analyst relations, public relations, etc. I am interested in working with the Startupbootcamp companies because I know that I can offer them a great deal of insight, and because my hope is that when they are ready for their first major growth stage they think of me.

Liz Lumley and I know each other for many years – we have done many interesting marketing programs together.