Frans Hulshof

Frans Hulshof

Entrepreneur, Advisory Board Function at several companies and Commercial Director at Elbuco

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

A few things about my history and experience: I started in retail. After that, I jointed world companies like Sharp. I also worked as VP of Samsung Benelux for 8 years where we were quite positively busy creating new business models. Together with Versatel, we built the first triple play network and already in 2002 we had a fully operating smart home in Almere. After that, I was MD of a IT company but also the COO and Strategic Counsel of LG for 3 years to do a turn around of the brand and the organization. I am and was member of several advisory boards, mostly in tech related companies. I also have board functions in totally different organizations like NOC/NSF.

Top Skills
1. Motivated and motivation coaching leader
2. Change manager
3. Strategy and implementation
Create new business models
5. eCommerce
6. Social media

I am trilled by all the new emerging developments and I like to work with people who have fresh ideas. I am very open to new developments and with my expertise and experience I can make a contribution.