Fabienne Gimenez

Fabienne Gimenez

Senior Global Fintech Exec at S&P

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Fabienne Gimenez is a senior global fin tech executive who helps builds businesses and grows revenue at financial information technology and global capital markets companies.

She has a passion for connecting the dots, developing strategies and helping transform organizations, executing for growth and efficiencies. Fabienne has experience in data and content, analytics and platform delivery where she has for example framed and drove product and content strategy/portfolio in excess of $1.3bn.

Fabienne brings a unique global view for companies that are in growth mode or are at a crossroad. She can not only bridge the potential data gap knowledge or drive scalability but leverage her extensive and broad network/experience to push companies to be set apart in their own ecosystem.

Fabienne is a French and American citizen and has lived in the Middle East, Europe and North America.