Ertugrul Belen

Ertugrul Belen

Founder & President at Speed Networking™ BNA (Business Networking Akademi)

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Mentor

A believer in information sharing: Father of two business books which ranked in Top 10 in Turkey.
Entrepreneur: Co-Founder of the first Turkish online diamond e-commerce startup with international sales over 20 countries focused in fast fashion jewellery under 500 USD.

Ertugrul Belen founded Business Networking Akademi (BNA) where he reached out to over 50 thousand entrepreneurs and professionals through his Speed Networking activities and Business Networking conferences.Designing and delivering Networking Trainings For:

All professionals with the responsibility of of business development and sales growth,
Management of crowded teams and managers of big staff where a lot of interaction takes place,
The group companies of a large multi-national corporation,
Everyone who wants to grow its business or social network for a more connected life and lasting relationships,
New born companies which need a networking environment to meet team members, business partners and even clients.

Networking Training Outcomes
To provide participants with the importance of networking in business world and skills to be more effective networkers,
To give people greater understanding of specific networking dynamics and make them successful at events and meetings,
To enable people to sell themselves and promote their companies through elevator pitch techniques,
To help in becoming more confident and assured by teaching them the golden rules of designing pitching lines for different occasions,
To enable professionals to grow their network with mapping strategies,
To talk easily with people who are experts and to meet new people with special networking techniques.