Ersin Pamuksuzer

Ersin Pamuksuzer

Serial Entrepreneur

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Mentor

Ersin Pamuksuzer is a renowned serial entrepreneur in the technology and well-being sectors and a leading figure in the creation of GSM giant Turkcell. Ersin Pamuksüzer helped create several companies in the ICT area, including digital TV, ISP and online betting companies, and various GSM operators in the CIS region. He was also responsible for establishing the first incubation center in Turkey, Crea-world, in 2000 when he was the CEO of Ericsson Turkey/Middle East. Crea-world helped develop numerous value-added services in the Turkish mobile sector.

In 2005 Ersin Pamuksüzer started creating an international well-being company called The LifeCo.

Ersin Pamuksuzer is the lead investor in Startupbootcamp Istanbul.