Elliott Ng

Elliott Ng

Director of Product Management at APAC Display Ads in Google

Startupbootcamp FinTech London Mentor

Starting Jan 2012, I became PM Director for our Display Ads efforts in Asia-Pacific (APAC). Display Ads is a growth business for Google, and APAC is one of our fastest growing regions.

My job is twofold: (1) APAC Commercialization–I lead a team helping to accelerate our Display Ads market success in APAC, and (2) Shanghai Display Ads PM–I lead a team of PMs working on global Ads projects.

**Top of mind for me right now is Mobile Display Advertising!** While AdMob has been a highly successful mobile ad network, I feel like the traditional ad network model is increasingly facing new models for app promotion and app monetization: e.g. In App Purchase and virtual goods, “native” advertising. The platform shift IS happening in 2013 but the future path of Mobile monetization is still not clear…exciting times!

Prior to joining Google, I was focused on online travel, online marketing, and loyalty/retention.