Ellen Wasylina

Ellen Wasylina

President and Founder at International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Mentor

A seasoned Policy Expert with a presence in Europe/France for more than 20 years and expertise on three continents (Africa, Europe, United States), Ellen Wasylina has expertise in the following areas : Communications, Development, Economics, Education, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Foreign Relations, Politics, Security, Sustainable Development, Trade.

Here are several specific areas
– Governance, leadership, administration
– Political, Geopolitical and Foreign policy
– Strategy, Defense and Security
– Energy resources and security
– Business Development and Stratégies, Entrepreneurship
– Public Relations, Communications and Marketing
– Environment, Sustainable Development, Recycling
– Higher Education, Executive training
– Cultural diplomacy program management

Special interest in Black and Mediterranean Seas.