Eg Nicolajsen

Eg Nicolajsen

COO, Commercial & operational responsible at SpeechMiners

Startupbootcamp Mobile Copenhagen Mentor

Eg Nicolajsen have been focusing on general management and everything within it, including executive management, project management, and has mainly been focusing on sales, service, change management, optimization and innovation.

After a long reflection period Eg has decided to leave the corporate world and now seek to help start-ups because he want to build something for the future. He mainly offer to help within: strategy, execution, sales, service, operations (LEAN) & processes and organizing.

He believe that if you don’t disrupt existing business you will be disrupted, but to grow a disrupter you need some degree of corporate thinking mixed with the extreme drive and innovation of the start-up. It is in this mixed field Eg offer mentoring and advisory.

Today Nicolajsen work with start-ups within medico, retail, IT/tech, software through his own network, he is also a supporting a business angel and is a mentor/jury member at Venture Cup.

Specialties: Strategic thinking, general management, sales, service, process improvement.