Edwin Glerum

Edwin Glerum

Owner at Rehab Centre BV

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Mentor

Edwin B.C. Glerum is an entrepreneur and always looking for new developments and innovations in his field of physiotherapy. Nowadays he is director of Rehab Centre BV; a chain of physical therapy practises in the north-west of North Holland.

Specialities of Rehab Centre; diagnostics, pain treatment, spine treatment, orthopedics and work hardening.

Edwin studied Physical Therapy at SAFA in Amsterdam, Manual Therapy at SOMT in Amersfoort and Science Physiotherapy at the Katholic University Leuven, in the field of Biomechanics.

He worked as Physiotherapist and Manual therapist for 4 years as an 2lnt. in the Military Hospital at Utrecht and for 13 years in Heliomare, rehabilitation clinic at Wijk aan Zee. His last function at Heliomare was manager of the department of vocational assessment.