Ed Frank

Ed Frank

CEO at Axis Innovation

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Mentor

Extensive experience in global operational and advisory roles at technology companies. Background as an entrepreneur and an investor led to the creation of Axis Innovation. Has managed international technology joint ventures, M&A activities and strategic investments and recognized the need for creating an international platform to connect promising startups with global investors.

Strong international network in a variety of industries primarily technology focused. Secured investments for six technology start-ups in 2013 in media, solar, mobile and security areas
Successfully exited range of investments via M&A and IPO

Founding partner at Axis Innovation which connects international investors and strategic partners with leading technologies with a finished product and some traction. Prior was co-founder of Bootcamp Ventures Ltd. that focused on earlier stage technology start-ups.

Extensive deal flow from buy-side and sell-side, representing many different countries. Axis works to discover, identify, evaluate, improve and showcase select ventures to targeted strategic and financial and strategic investors across the globe.