Dusan Stojanovic

Dusan Stojanovic

Founder & Investor at True Global Ventures

Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore Mentor

A Swedish “citizen of the world”, Worked for more than 20 years with Business Development primarily in E-payments/Fintech. Half of the time at GE Capital and Monabanq.com and the rest with own ventures/investments. Strong international network in Silicon Valley, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Beijing, Singapore and Hong Kong. Has learnt 6 languages and as many cultures. My network has helped the companies in my portfolio of 15 direct investments with:
– Gaining new customers and partners
– Internationalize
– Recruiting key individuals especially engineers
– Financing the company including introduction to VCs, Loans and Corporate Ventures
– M&A Support and IPO preparation including Nasdaq Private Market

Results: Solid track record as a business angel with 5 out of 15 direct investments exited. All other investments have reached a first break even point and none has closed down.
Awarded the prize Business Angel of the Year in Europe in 2013 by EBAN after having three (positive) exits in a week in 2012. Donated to save the last Tesla Lab on Long Island. Tesla nerd and distantly related to Nikola Tesla.

Set up True Global Ventures 1 as of Oct 2010 and True Global Ventures 2 as of Dec 2012 investing exclusively in serial entrepreneurs!