Dr. med. Rolf Porsche

Dr. med. Rolf Porsche


Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Rolf has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare and innovation. He supported, managed and drove new ideas, projects and companies and achieved the overall revenue of over € 100 billion with these innovations.

Rolf has worked with global healthcare players, more than 30 startups, industry, research institutes, payers, providers and governments.

His work is focused on bringing successful innovations to market and his expertise is in such topics as strategy development and operational management. He realizes this through CXO and advisory roles in young companies, and consulting work.

Rolf has worked with pharma, biotech, diagnostic and medical device innovations, and has a unique experience of over 15 years working in digital healthcare and big data. He worked in Germany, US, UK, Switzerland and other European countries. Rolf started as a physician, worked in Pharma as a medical director, was a partner of leading consulting companies for 15 years, including responsibility for Healthcare strategy of IBM.

Since several years Rolf has his own company, supporting innovation projects and actively supporting several startups. In addition, he is managing a large social project in Healthcare education at German schools and is involved in other social activities.