Derek Young

Derek Young

Founder & CEO at i360medical


Derek is Founder,

CEO and key promoter of i360medical and has the support of a number of

significant influencers in the medical device and clinical sector including

Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Synecor, Synecor Labs, Fogarty Innovation

Institute and Tyndall. Derek has brought together advisory boards and a board

of directors comprising of eminent members of the global medical device

community including Dr Richard Stack (Synecor), Mr William Starling (Synecor),

Mr Chris Coburn (Cleveland Clinic Innovations) and Prof Oscar Traynor (RCSI).

He has built an experienced team of professionals with intimate and extensive

knowledge of the medical device sector intending to deliver much needed innovation

and support services to the medical device and clinical community in Ireland

and abroad.

As CEO of

i360medical, Derek is responsible for company operations ensuring new ideas and

products move from concept to market and continue to build commercial, clinical

and academic partnerships around the globe.

Derek has a background in Mechanical Engineering, Surgical Innovation

and Business Development from the Austin Waldron and Dublin Institute of

Technology. He has successfully co-founded a number of medical companies

including Medtech and Advanced Surgical Concepts. He has 6 publications in

surgery and is cited on 32 patents. Derek also holds a number of board

positions on medical device companies and medical research groups at both a

national and international level.

Key Skills:


of Business Strategy and partnerships for SME’s


Raising investment through the VC’s, Private Investors and Government Grants

for start-ups and industry


and managing a program for company acquisitions


a worldwide clinical network in regard to Innovation, Clinical Evaluations and



and launching Innovative Medical Devices into new worldwide markets


and managing new projects with large medical device corporate e.g. Johnson

& Johnson


clinical protocols for FDA and CE Mark


and evaluating ideas from surgeons, planning and developing into a product and



and developing of products and processes e.g. ProMIS, Intromit and Omiport and

other surgical instruments and devices


and co-ordinating teams in ongoing operations within product design development

and marketing


company policies and system

US and

European Patent Applications and IP protection

Direct sales to SME’s, Multinationals, Government agencies and Academia