David Palumbo

David Palumbo

Managing Partner at Origen Capital LLP


David is an experienced dealmaker with a fresh creative approach to structuring deals. David has expertise ranging from advising Family Offices from South America, CIS, Switzerland and Monaco, to raising capital for VC and PE transactions, including all aspects of Real Estate Investment and financing.

David is the managing partner of Origen Capital LLP. David founded Origen Capital in 2006 as a boutique private investment house specialising in real estate asset acquisition, management and alternative investment structures. Since 2010, Origen Capital has diversified in a number of other sectors with similar risk adjusted returns, including sustainable energy and FinTech/InsurTech.

Origen Capital LLP operates in geographies where it has privileged relationships with relevant stakeholders in the public and private sectors and where Origen Capital can deliver unmatchable deal structure through distinct market insights and intelligence.

Origen Capital will work on deals of various sizes as long as the deal is right. Average deal size ranges between €10M & €20M. More recent successes include real estate deals worth €200M with some of the largest and well-known hotel chains in the world.