Dave Williams

Dave Williams

Managing Director at S&P Capital IQ

Startupbootcamp FinTech New York Mentor

Dave has 20 years experience in the FinTech space in a variety of roles including financial engineering, software development, product management & innovation, sales, sales engineering, and general management. He has experience working in both startup and Fortune 500 environments.

For the last 5 years, Dave served as a Managing Director at S&P Capital IQ where he lead sales engineering as part of the global commercial leadership team. Dave co-founded IQ Lab, an internal research and development “skunk works” team responsible for rapidly prototyping and proving the commercial viability of potential new solutions. He also introduced Lean Startup principles to the organization and led efforts to develop new solutions with innovative external partners in the FinTech community.

Dave recently left S&P Capital IQ and is preparing to jump into a startup of his own!

I’m passionate about product development, rapidly prototyping, getting market feedback and iterating to get product / market fit. I’m grounded in tech (writing code for my own startup), so happy to provide some thoughts on that front as well. I’ve recently done a lot of work on the business development, sales enablement, and client adoption front for a large FinTech company, so eager to share my experience in these areas as well.