Dave Durbin

Dave Durbin

Digital Roadmap Architect at Lloyds Banking Group

Startupbootcamp FinTech London Mentor

Dave has worked in companies ranging from global IT consultancies to small start ups but always at the bleeding edge of innovation. He’s spent time working in an IBM research lab as well as Australia’s largest investment bank and has a deep technical knowledge of digital solution architectures from web server side Java solutions to native apps on Android and iOS devices.

Dave has worked with a number of large Banks and Telecommunications companies both in the UK and in Australia over the course of his career and was involved in the delivery of the first Retail Internet Banking solution in the UK as well as having published his own mobile applications.

He holds two patents for eCommerce and security related technology as well as having co-authored a best-selling book on Java network security and has recently obtained an MRes with distinction from Birkbeck University where he was also awarded the Best Overall International Postgraduate Student award.

Dave currently lives in Kent with his partner and children who make sure that he’s doesn’t fall too far behind the digital curve. Though he still doesn’t get Twitter.