Danielle Fong

Danielle Fong

Co-Founder at LightSail Energy


Danielle Fong is a writer, inventor, engineer, and scientist. She is cofounder and chief scientist of LightSail Energy, a mentor for the Thiel 20 Under 20 fellowship, and an advisor to several startups in greentech and physical technologies.

She has been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 as the 2012 standout in the Energy category (as well as making the 2013 list), was the youngest member of the 2012 MIT TR35, was a member of the inaugural “Founders 50” group, was named by Goldman Sachs as one of the world’s top 100 builders and innovators, was one of 18 speakers selected to give a moonshot proposal at the 2013 Google Solve for X conference, and has twice spoken before the UN on entrepreneurship, energy technology and innovations.

Her Regenerative Air Energy Storage tech was named among the 5 most disruptive techs of 2012 (with Gesture Based Interfaces, Self-driving Cars, Augmented Reality/Google Glass, and 5 billion people with internet access)

She mentors and hosts revolutionary entrepreneurs and innovators at her Firehome collective, and publishes essays at daniellefong.com