Chantal Poiesz

Chantal Poiesz

Founder / Owner

Startupbootcamp Commerce Mentor

I’ve been working in the field of eCommerce for over 15 years now. Starting eCommerce activities within large Retail organisations and later on within Telecom. Since 2011, I support and coach a wide variety of companies with their Omnichannel strategy and implementation. I am also co-founder of the online personal shopping and styling platform Your Style Lab, which went live in 2014.

Top 3 Skills
1. Ecommerce
2. Omnichannel Strategy
3. Personal Coaching

All these years most activities I have done involved starting new business which gives me energy and I can handle the chaos and bring structure. I can provide mentorship in the fields of personal coaching, business planning, marketing planning and team structures. While I am an entrepreneur myself I love to share the knowledge and experience.